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on Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:15 am

First Comer
First Comer
Good day symb!

I would like to share to you a configuration that'll uncap your utorrent download speed.
no hacks, just tweaks, also no bull.

I won't use any softs like cheat engine.
And please, never ever believe those youtube posts it is called visual hack,
you can not cheat your ISP's given speed, you are just cheating the interface.

Giggles and kidding aside, let's get started.

What the requirements?
Just your favorite bitTorrent Client, but preferably uTorrent.

1 > Go to Options - > Preference

2 > Under "Connections" Tab, uncheck "Enable UPnP Port Mapping" and "Randomize port each start.
Set Port = "41215".
Hit Apply.

3 > Under "Bandwidth" Tab.
Set Maximum upload rate = 10.
Global Maximum # of Connections = 2329
Max number of connected peers/torrent = 1890.

4 > Under "Queueing" Tab.

Set Max # of Active Torrents = 60.
Set Max # of Active Downloads = 63.

5> Lastly go to Advanced Tab .
Set bt.allow_same_ip = true.
Set dht.rate = 2.

-upto 400% speed boost.
-boosts speed regardless the seeder/leecher ratio.

-consumes more RAM.
-prioritizes uTorrent in allocating bandwidth (meaning expect slower internet connection but faster download speed.)
-hogs the incoming bandwidth. (you are getting more bandwidth that anyone else downloading the same file.)
-not recommended if you are a seeder.

This will guarantee you a speed up with your download speed in utorrent, depending on your current data plan of course.

That's all folks!
Don't forget to feedback!

Original post from Symb


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